I Dream Pigeons Auction - 2019-09-27

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    I Dream Pigeons Auction

    63 pigeons from our past race season will be sold by I Dream Pigeons in USA in 2 parts. The first part starts this Sunday 29 September and runs for 2 weeks. Herewith the link to the Auction;



    Don’t miss out on buying some great birds!

    For all North American fanciers, if you would like to compete in the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race in August 2020, please send your band numbers to John Nelson, NO later than October 5, 2019. Email: Tel: +1-269-208-1493


    The first shipment from USA which arrived on 19 September is doing very well in our Quarantine site, herewith a video from when they arrived;


    Best regards

    The Victoria Falls Team