Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

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Current Bird List - 2019-03-23
You will notice on your login that all birds have a Category assigned to them (Paid/Active, Reserve or Unpaid) as well as a current Status (OK, Missing, Deceased or Recovery). We trust that this Status will be of added interest to our fanciers...... read more
Newsflash - 2019-03-21
The pigeons at Victoria Falls are exercising well, climbing high and ranging. Groups are being sighted during their daily exercise a few kilometers from the loft. The daytime temperatures are still very high, around 35 degrees Celsius. We will sta..... read more
Current Bird List - 2019-03-08
All the pigeons at Victoria Falls are exercising and ranging well. The raptor population is high with frequent hawk attacks, but as the birds gain fitness and get through their moult this will have less of an effect on them. The training w..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$1,000,000 USD
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Final Race Date

19th July 2019

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