Join us at Africa’s most majestic and safest tourist destination for a world class One-Loft race!

Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for a US$700,000 One-Loft race series, now entering its second year.

The final young bird race in January is over 400km in tough, arid African conditions that is a test-of-the-best and a supreme showcase for the world’s top breeders. This was evident during our first race season with tough races and a final race on 28 January 2017 with the winning velocity of only 800.17 meters per minute. The ACE pigeon had an average velocity of 1002.96 meters per minute over 6 races.

The US$700,000 annual prize money includes the lucrative first prize of US$200,000 for the winner of the final race, US$50,000 for the ACE Pigeon competition and US$30,000 on each of the 5 Hotspot Races leading up to the final.

Our world-class, well ventilated loft has a capacity of 5 000 pigeons at 80% of the perch space, is split into 22 spacious sections and is located in a National Wildlife Park abounding in wild animals.

Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi River, is the acclaimed Adventure and Nature Capital of Africa, with Hwange National Park on its doorstep and Chobe (Botswana) just 80 km away to ensure sighting of some of the most spectacular big-game wildlife on earth!

The area has an astonishing array of activities, from the high-adrenaline of the world’s finest white-water rafting to the gentler mode of luxury cocktail sunset cruises. Accommodation suits all pockets with over 2 000 rooms in the area from the ultra-luxury and exclusive bush/river lodges to a series of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts.

Apart from the amazing surroundings and destination to visit, Victoria Falls is ideal for the young birds. Homing at our loft does not have any interference from other pigeons as the nearest loft is 400km away. Furthermore it is not in a built up area, is along Africa's fourth-longest (over 2,600 km) river the Zambezi and the mist of the Victoria Falls can be seen on the flat landscape from miles away.

Conservation efforts and under-privileged communities will gain significantly from this event, including highly commendable anti-poaching trusts whose under-funded, yet unyielding, work in the area protects a variety of species, such as rhinos, elephants and lions.

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Total Prize Money
$700 000 USD
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Upcoming Event(s)
Name: Race - Hotspot 2
Distance: 161km
Liberation Point: Gwayi River
Release Time: 2017-12-16 05:30:00
Final Race Date

26th January 2018

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