Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

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Quarantine update & missing birds offer - 2019-01-10
Quarantine Update The last quarantine has not been lifted yet and the quarantine period has run over time. Unfortunately, the relevant veterinary departments were unable to attend to our request to test our samples over the holiday perio..... read more
Updated Bird List - 2019-01-05
The pigeons in the race loft have settled in well and are in excellent health. We are still waiting for the last 337 pigeons to be released from quarantine once the relevant veterinary departments are fully functional after the holiday period...... read more
Bird Lists and Entry Fees - 2018-11-19
Bird Lists We wish to thank everyone who sent pigeons to Victoria Falls this year. We welcome the many new participants and hope that you enjoy the high level of competition against some of the world’s top breeders. Please ..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$1,000,000 USD
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Final Race Date

19th July 2019

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