The competition is growing at the Victoria Falls One-Loft-Race with many internationally renowned pigeon fanciers testing their breeding against the best in the world. Join us at Africa’s most majestic and safest tourist destination for a world class One-Loft-Race with a new prize pot of US$1 000 000!

Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for the US$1 000 000 One-Loft race series, now entering its third year. The final yearling race in July 2019, from an increased distance of 600km (372 miles), will be in tough, arid African conditions that is a test-of-the-best and a supreme showcase for the world’s top breeders.

The US$1 000,000 annual prize money includ..... read more


Loft List for Yearling Series - 2018-03-20

With the shortening of daylight hours most pigeons including those from the northern hemisphere are progressing well in the body moult. Hens and cocks are kept separate and go out the loft on alternate days. Some are taking to the air for short periods but are not chased. The health of the birds is good and we expect to be able to start training by mid-April in preparation of the race series starting in May which will be both challenging and exciting. We will run live broad casts on all training tosses over 45 km and all races. Please remember that original entrants have until 31st March to activate pigeons that they want to secure for the race series (US$ 500 per bird). We have some birds marked where we are awaiting payment. Pigeons not taken up by this time will be made available to anyone wanting to enter them in the series. Herewith the list of birds in our loft for the Yearling Series (780 birds) which shows the current activations. This list excludes the birds..... read more

Newsflash - 2018-03-02

The iPigeon sale is in full swing with just over 1 week left to go. We have had a number of requests from people wanting to purchase pigeons on the sale and enter them into the yearling series instead of incurring the cost of having them shipped to them. This is perfectly acceptable as pigeons that raced in the series ending in January 2018 may be entered. If the purchased sale birds are entered to the yearling series they will again be sold at the end of the series to the highest bidder. Please note that the breeder retains the right to his or her portion of the sale proceeds.   Herewith the link to the auction;   https://www.newipigeon.com/search/?cid=295..... read more

Auction now running! - 2018-02-26

The online iPigeon auction of the January 2018 winners is running. Check out the pedigrees and don’t miss out on buying some incredible birds! Bid now! Herewith the link to the auction; https://www.newipigeon.com/search/?cid=295..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$1 000 000 USD
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2018 Yearling Race

30 June 2018

Final Race Date

19th July 2019

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