Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

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4 days to PIPA Auction! - 2018-10-18
The PIPA Auction of the top 66 birds from our June 2018 yearling series of 600 km starts at 17.00 this coming Monday 22 October. It will run for 2 weeks and end on 4 November. You can follow the auction and bid on PIPA’s website; ..... read more
Extended Intake! - 2018-10-10
Numbers of pigeons are steadily climbing at the race loft in Victoria Falls. We currently have 3041 pigeons in total with 251 of these birds in the quarantine station. We also have pigeons in USA and Europe waiting to be shipped to us. Our race lo..... read more
Don't miss out! - 2018-09-26
Since we last reported we have had another 740 pigeons released from quarantine and they will be in their new home, the Victoria Falls race loft by this weekend. The health of the pigeons has been excellent, and they have responded well to..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$1,000,000 USD
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Final Race Date

19th July 2019

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