The competition is growing at the Victoria Falls One-Loft-Race with many internationally renowned pigeon fanciers testing their breeding against the best in the world. Join us at Africa’s most majestic and safest tourist destination for a world class One-Loft-Race with a new prize pot of US$1 000 000!

Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for the US$1 000 000 One-Loft race series, now entering its third year. The final yearling race in July 2019, from an increased distance of 600km (372 miles), will be in tough, arid African conditions that is a test-of-the-best and a supreme showcase for the world’s top breeders.

The US$1 000,000 annual prize money includ..... read more


Birds for sale - Offers end this Saturday! - 2018-07-19

The following list of birds in our loft are available for out of hand sales which includes Activated birds which are not being taken back by Entrants.  Minimum offer is USD 100 per bird with increments of USD 50. Please send your offer to admin@victoriafallswcpr.com where you will be allocated a reference number. Offers by email will close on Saturday 21st July at 12 noon CAT and the person with the highest offer will be informed. Birds with no offers at this time will then be given away. Payment of the sale price as well as the shipping and quarantine (if applicable) must be paid by Tuesday 24th July at 12 noon CAT, otherwise the person with the next highest offer will be allowed to buy the bird. Shipping per bird to Kuwait is $160, to USA is $450 and to Belgium is $600. We unfortunately cannot currently export to South Africa.  If you would like to see how the bird performed ove..... read more

Intake dates 2018 for 2019 race season! - 2018-07-19

We would like to remind all our fanciers that our intake for next year’s race season is still open! Don’t miss out on entering your birds! We are receiving birds up until the first week of October 2018 with birds being delivered to agents 3 to 4 weeks before each shipment. There are still 2 intake dates by our European agents to the Dutch Quarantine Veterinary Services (DQVS) in the Netherlands; 9 and 10 August 2018 6 and 7 September 2018 Please contact our agent in your country to arrange delivery of your birds through them. Our agents are on our website; https://www.victoriafallswcpr.com/agents.php For countries outside of Europe please cont..... read more

Birds which have returned from the final race - 2018-07-06

Now that VFWCPR has completed the final race of the yearling series the remaining pigeons must be cleared from the loft. This is not an easy task because of restrictions on the movement of birds worldwide and the extremely high cost of shipping pigeons. Nevertheless, there are birds which are valuable, and we have given the opportunity to entrants to take possession of their birds. There are 3 scenarios; 1.      Winning pigeons selected by PIPA will go to Europe for sale at no cost to the entrant. 2.      Other activated pigeons not selected by PIPA can be sent to the entrants if they pay the shipping and quarantine costs (there will be no sale price). 3.      Pigeons not ac..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$1 000 000 USD
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Final Race Date

19th July 2019

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