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Extended Intake! 2018-10-10

    Numbers of pigeons are steadily climbing at the race loft in Victoria Falls. We currently have 3041 pigeons in total with 251 of these birds in the quarantine station. We also have pigeons in USA and Europe waiting to be shipped to us. Our race loft capacity without any extensions is 5000 pigeons so we have plenty of space for the birds. Up to date we have had 40 mortalities in quarantine which is 1.28% of the birds that we have received so far.

    There are fanciers who missed the earlier shipments who have some late bred birds and who have requested for another intake. The racing program only starts in May 2019 which gives us approximately 6 months to prepare the birds. We have therefore extended the operations in the quarantine station to accommodate any later entries.

    We have the following intakes still;

    Europe – deliver on 1st and 2nd November to DQVS in Netherlands

    South Africa – deliver birds by the end of October to agents

    USA and Canada – contact John E Nelson

    Middle East – deliver birds by the end of October to Kuwait agent

    Don’t miss out! Contact your agent now!

    The much-anticipated training and racing will give breeders an opportunity to assess the performance of their pigeons because the final selection of the 1st choice pigeon only needs to be done before the 1st Hotspot race in May 2019. We intend to have many live training tosses online to allow breeders to see how well their pigeons have settled. It is anticipated that these tosses will start before the cut-off date for payment after which unpaid pigeons will be sold to 3rd parties.

    Watch these great videos of the current birds that are being orientated around the race loft.