Final Race Results - 2018-07-01

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    The final race of the Yearling Series was held yesterday, 30 June from 602 km (374 miles). We are pleased to say that the final number of activated birds was 446 in this Yearling Series! This means that the prize money payout is up to 133rd place in the Final Race!

    The full race report will be released soon. In the meantime, we would like to formally congratulate the fanciers who have won prizes. (Bonus Race results are also online)

    A special thank you to PIPA for attending the Final Race and for their great report on it;

    We stopped the clock midday on the second day in order to scan and identify selected pigeons to be photographed by PIPA for their sale. At this time we had 371 birds home out of the 584 which were basketed for the race. Subsequent to this we have had more birds return and will be issuing a Loft List tomorrow evening (Monday) to show all the birds which have returned by then.

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