Team Competition 2021 Race Series

Prize Breakdown

Team Competition US$ 33,250
Place Prize No of prizes Total pay-out
1st US$ 10,000 1 US$ 10,000
2nd US$ 7,500 1 US$ 7,500
3rd US$ 5,000 1 US$ 5,000
4th US$ 3,500 1 US$ 3,500
5th US$ 2,000 1 US$ 2,000
6th US$ 1,250 1 US$ 1,250
7th US$ 1,000 1 US$ 1,000
8th US$ 1,000 1 US$ 1,000
9th US$ 1,000 1 US$ 1,000
10th US$ 1,000 1 US$ 1,000


  1. Entrants who have 5 or more activated birds basketed for Hotspot 2 may enter the team competition.
  2. An entrant can enter one team only and must select which 5 activated birds will be in this competition before Hotspot 2. The birds can be selected from all the entrant’s pigeons which can include activated “For Sale “pigeons. No changes to these birds will be permitted thereafter.
  3. The total points of the 5 Team pigeons in each race from Hotspot 2 including the final will be added together. Only timed birds in each race will receive points for that race. If a bird is not timed in a particular race it will get zero points but will not be eliminated.
  4. The team with the highest total points after the final will be the team competition winner.
Total Prize Money
$1,250,000 USD
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2021 Final Race Date

30th July 2021

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