Ace Bird Competition $50 000 1st $25 000, 2nd $15 000, 3rd $10 000

  • 1. To qualify for the ACE Bird competition the bird must be activated before Hotspot 1 and be an eligible pigeon as defined herein. Note that no Venture Racers can enter the ACE Bird Competition.

  • 2. The ACE Bird will be the pigeon that has the highest average velocity over the 5 Hotspots and the final race. The ACE Bird must complete the final race in race time. In the event of a tie the ACE Bird will be the bird finishing ahead of the other in the final race.

  • 3. For the purposes of the ACE Bird competition race time for the final race will close at 12:00 noon on the second day or at such other time that VFWCPR Ltd may announce.

Total Prize Money
$700 000 USD
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Upcoming Event(s)
Name: Race - Hotspot 2
Distance: 161km
Liberation Point: Gwayi River
Release Time: 2017-12-16 05:30:00
Final Race Date

26th January 2018

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